4 design tips that will save you money and promote your business

Saving money on marketing materials might seem impossible, especially if you want to maintain a professional look or brand. However, with these 4 tricks of the design trade you’ll not only cut costs, your marketing materials will add value to your business.

Digital Printing
With the introduction of digital printers, full colour, printed materials became an affordable option for small and micro-sized businesses. There are digital printing presses, but I am not referring to them. I’m talking about digital printing that is done on a high quality colour ‘copier-like’ printer capable of fine reproductions. Since there is no press involved, print suppliers don’t mind doing small print runs. It is the most economical way to buy full colour printed products as long as your quantities are between 1 and 1000. After 1000 copies of a project it becomes more cost efficient to use a traditional or digital press.

Business Stationery
This tip saves you a great deal of money without compromising your professionalism (assuming that you already have a logo that was professionally designed). You can use a full colour version of your logo too!

Having letterhead and envelopes, especially full colour, printed by the 1000‘s can be quite expensive. Instead, you can create your own computer files, one for letters and the other for return envelope labels. Purchase matching paper and envelopes at a business supply store. They usually have lots of selection. Ask your designer to email a colour jpeg of your logo so that you can position it into your letter document and your return address label file.

For labels, I use the sheets of 30 labels where each label measures 6.66 cm wide by 2.54 cm high. You’ll need to download the layout template for placement of your logo. Add your address on each label and print a sheet of 30 labels as you need them.

The important thing is to be consistent. Once you have chosen your matching letter and envelope, stick to it so that it becomes part of your company’s identity. Make sure that your logo is in the same position on the page or label every time. Your clients will come to recognize your company’s brand at a glance when they receive mail from you, even before they read a word.

Find A Freelance Designer
If you are providing a high quality product or a great service it is in your best interests to hire a professional designer to create your marketing materials. There is no better way to convince your market that what you are offering to them, has value and that you are serious about your business. Prices at the larger design agencies tend to be high, but there are freelance design professionals who charge lower rates and still provide quality work. In addition, you’ll enjoy having direct contact with the designer who will be creating your design projects

Professionally Designed Header for Your Blog & Other Social Media
More and more small businesses are blogging and have active social networking accounts as a way of reaching their potential customers. It is important that you maintain your unique company identity online, just as you do with your website and print materials. This can be done economically by having a freelance designer create one graphic header for use in your blog, Facebook page and other social media. By repeating elements such as your logo, corporate colours, and typestyles, your brand becomes stronger and readers will recognize your company instantly.

I have many more cost saving ways to promote your products and services while maintaining a strong identity for your business. Call me at 519-644-2786 or email your inquiries and we can discuss the possibilities for your business.