Why Professional Design Generates More Sales

Part of BEING successful is LOOKING successful. I know that we’re told not to judge a book by its cover, but we do it anyway, all the time, and because we are bombarded with so much information everyday we are forced to judge quickly. When someone visits your website or sees your brochure they might only take a split second to rate it as attractive, interesting, and easy to understand. If it doesn’t rate, they move on to another provider and your competition has a new client.

This is why it is so important to represent your business through the use of professional design. Having promotional materials that are professionally designed indicates that your company is successful, which gives your credibility and your sales a boost.

Here’s why:

Professional design is visually appealing and adds value to your business.
Do people notice any difference between good and bad design? Sure they do. Even if they aren’t aware of it consciously, they gravitate toward the best looking advertisement, pick up the glossy brochure, and spend more time on an attractive website. Good design has visual impact that attracts your ideal customers. It also adds value to your company by improving consumer perception of what you are offering, making us more likely to make a purchase.

Professional design is essential in building strong brands.
People buy brands, not products. Most of us purchase a brand that is familiar. We want our favourite brand of makeup, appliances or vehicles because we recognize the brand and we have had positive experiences with them. This is why making your brand identifiable in some distinctive way is so important. A well designed brand establishes top-of-mind customer recognition of your product or service and differentiates your business from all others. Once your brand becomes familiar to your market, they are more likely to come to you when they need the products or services that you offer.

Professional design is functional.
It effectively delivers key messages to your market so that they understand what you are going to provide, how it will help them, and how to purchase from you. When information is organized clearly and concisely it helps prospects decide either to make a purchase or to request a quote because they are ready to buy.

Professional design triggers positive emotions.
Emotions such as trust and loyalty must be earned using professionally designed marketing materials. A great design has the power to affect people on an emotional level. If they see that you have invested in high quality design they are more likely to believe that what you are offering is of high quality too, and you gain their trust. It also indicates that you are not a ‘fly-by-night’ outfit and that you’ll be around when they need your products or services, which enhances customer loyalty. Satisfied, trusting clients will return again and again to do business with your company.

Choosing professional design rather than amateur design for your marketing materials makes good business sense. The four examples listed above clearly indicate why high quality design works in your favour when it comes to making more sales.

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