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In the beginning
My career as a graphic designer began in 1987 in Toronto just as desktop computers were becoming the ‘tool of choice’ in the design industry and before the World Wide Web existed. At that time, printed marketing and communication design was my area of expertise.

I worked at several small and medium sized design agencies and also did freelance work. Using the first model of a Macintosh computer and then the MacPlus, I designed print projects for the book publishing companies and educational institutions.

Fanshawe College hired me in 1991 to design teaching materials and later to design marketing and communication literature and publications.

In 1997
I opened Atkinson Graphics and have been serving satisfied clients ever since. My studio is nestled in Belmont, a village located near London, Ontario.

Fast forward to 2008-2009
I took private training in html coding so that I could develop websites using Dreamweaver. This was an exciting addition to the print services that I offer and it established Atkinson Graphics as a multidisciplinary design studio.

I have the power!
Having the ability to create both web and print design, means that I can accommodate my clients growing need for digital marketing projects and still handle their print projects too.

Team work
Although I work alone, I utilize a trusted team of professionals – such as printing companies. They each have a unique area of expertise and deliver exceptional work every time, on time. This means that I manage every aspect of the design and production process and my clients have only one point of contact.

Let’s connect
To discuss your next design project, develop a marketing campaign, or request a quote, contact me either by phone 519.644.2786 or by using the message form.

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