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On higher priced promotional projects (such as websites), a retainer fee must be paid on the conditions outlined in your proposal. Other partial payments at various stages of a project may be requested. The rest of the quoted price is due within 30 days of the invoice date. All deposits are non-refundable.

Updating your projects may be necessary. A quote will be issued based on the changes or updates required.

The 'Fine Print'
Atkinson Graphics reserves the rights to all designs unless otherwise arranged with Atkinson Graphics prior to the start date. The client may not reproduce, copy or redistribute images or designs, either whole or in part, contained in their web or print materials without the prior agreement of Atkinson Graphics.

If you are having a website designed, Atkinson Graphics, will be located in the copyright text and will be linked to the Atkinson Graphics website. There may be a link from this website to your website as long as you are using the design created by Atkinson Graphics. I will showcase all other design elements on my website as a way to market my services and expertise. In the event that you change your design to any other than that designed by Atkinson Graphics, I reserve the right to showcase my work on my website. Special agreements can be agreed upon by contacting Atkinson Graphics. Back to menu